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Texas Disaster Legal Help

Help us, help Texans!

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In Texas, the question is always when the next disaster will strike - not if. Oftentimes our residents are still dealing with the fallout from a disaster that happened years before, as they prepare for the next. 

In the wake of a disaster, volunteer attorneys have always risen to the occasion and offered their expertise to help survivors navigate legal matters.

Help us, help Texans.

If you are a disaster survivor in need of assistance, please click HERE.

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Title Clearing for Disaster-Impacted Home to Qualify for Rebuild

Disabled client in her late 60s needs assistance with clearing title to a home she inherited from her mother and step-father. Property was damaged during Harvey and Imelda, and client has been approved for assistance from the City of Houston after she clears title. Siblings have agreed to convey interest to client.

Harris County

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Divorce - No Real Property; No Children

Woman in her late 40s needs assistance with a divorce. Client and spouse do not have any children, and they do not own any real property. They have been separated for over 10 years, and client believes that Spouse will agree. Client has been furloughed from her job since March due to COVID. She is also a Harvey survivor.

Harris County

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Divorce - No Real Property, No Children

The client is a Harvey and Imelda survivor she is separated from her spouse and is in her 60’s. She seeks assistance with obtaining a divorce from her spouse. There is a history of domestic violence in the marriage. Client nor her spouse have any children nor any real property together.

Harris County

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Divorce - No Real Property, No Children

Client is a Harvey survivor. Woman in her early 60s needs assistance with a divorce from spouse. There is a history of emotional and verbal abuse in the marriage. The client's spouse is also withholding her personal property from her.

Harris County

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